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隐私政策 Privacy Policy


Before you use this website, please read all terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully. If you use this website, it means that you agree and accept the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and all content. If you do not agree to these terms, please exit immediately


更改或更改隐私政策 Change or change the privacy policy


We reserve all rights related to the privacy policy, including the right to modify the privacy policy at any time based on our decision without anyone's consent or any prior notice. You are responsible for checking all the contents of the privacy policy regularly. All privacy policy changes or changes will take effect immediately after posting. If you continue to use this website after the changes are posted, you agree to accept all changes or changes to the privacy policy.


收集个人资料 Collect personal data

您需要在会员注册和订购产品时提供您的部分或全部个人身份信息。个人身份信息包括个人姓名、邮政地址、电子邮件地址、出生日期、电话号码和详细的付款机制,例如信用卡详细信息。此外,我们还可能收集您的 IP(互联网协议)地址以帮助诊断服务器问题和管理网站。

You need to provide some or all of your personally identifiable information during member registration and ordering products. Personally identifiable information includes personal name, postal address, email address, date of birth, phone number, and detailed payment mechanism, such as credit card details. In addition, we may also collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address to help diagnose server problems and manage the website.


个人信息的披露 Disclosure of personal information


您提供的所有个人信息将用于您的订单处理和营销目的,例如新产品促销和特别优惠。 我们保证,未经您的同意,我们绝不会出于营销目的向任何人出租或出售您所查询的个人信息。 您的个人信息将根据香港的数据保护原则和其他适用的数据保护法律受到保护。


(1) 遵守适用法律/有效的法律程序或程序

(2) 保护我们的用户和其他用户的权利或财产

All personal information you provide will be used for your order processing and marketing purposes, such as new product promotion and special offers. We guarantee that without your consent, we will never rent or sell the personal information under the inquiry to anyone for marketing purposes. Your personal information will be protected in accordance with data protection principles and other applicable data protection laws in Hong Kong.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:

(1) Compliance with applicable laws/an effective legal process or procedure

(2) Protect the rights or property of our users and other users



为了提供更好的浏览体验,我们将使用 Cookies 在您的计算机中存储数据,这些数据可用于识别用户。您也可以在浏览器中编辑cookies的设置,但这可能会导致网站的某些部分无法正常浏览。



To provide a better browsing experience, we will use cookies in the data stored on your computer, which can be used to identify users. You can also edit the cookie settings in your browser, but some parts of the website may not be able to be browsed normally.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our customer service.

The above Chinese text translation. Such as Chinese and English terms and reference materials. As an outline, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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