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CMEF2020 global medical annual event has come to a successful conclusion, Shu Leshi will meet with you again next year

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     On October 19th, the 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) with the theme of "Innovative Technology Leading the Future" kicked off in Shanghai. Shu Le Shi brought a variety of products such as scooters and electric wheelchairs for the elderly. The CMEF exhibition made me truly feel the impact of the on-site "people conforming to the crowd

     Let's take a look at the scene with Xiaoshu~

     The new models of the American SOLAX "Folding Scooter" this time include "S3023/S3025 and other series products, which can not only "remote and fold with one button, convenient for transportation and storage", "electromagnetic brake system, let go and stop without slipping"" All aluminum alloy frame, lightweight, stable and durable" and other products, combined with the social background of the economic construction and progress of the current era, integrated "aircraft and high-speed rail" into it. Among them, the S3023 is overridden by the mobile app. Detect the user's heart rate anywhere, and S3025 has a USB output port to make it more convenient and practical!

     The electric wheelchair N7110 weighs only 19 kilograms. After being folded, it looks like a small trolley box, which is very convenient. The N7012B remote control lift wheelchair can adjust the height of the wheelchair with one button and can be adjusted according to the height of the user. Make it more convenient and practical!

     Thanks to every customer who visited the booth during the exhibition. It is precisely because of your presence and support that the "hard work" of the staff has become "everything is worth". In the future, Dongguan Weixin will live up to expectations and serve every customer with the tenet of "customer first".



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