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Feedback from Solax Customers

Back From:Blog and News Release date: 2020-12-21

      This summer is very hot, it is a season that makes people easily irritable. The problem that ice watermelon can't solve, but it was solved by a warm thing.

      Recently, a customer came to our Solax factory through the recommendation of the old customers of Solax. This customer is a middle-aged man who cannot walk on his legs and cannot move one hand. When the customer was testing the car, he saw our latest S3023 senior scooter at a glance. In order to better serve customers, after a series of factory inspections, the company's colleagues personally delivered the car to the door and taught the customer the operation of the car.

Elderly scooter

       The moment the customer drove the car out of the house, his wife's eyes turned red and excitedly said: "He can finally go out freely." These words really made us sad but also very pleased. In this hot summer, everything is worth it.

solax scooter

       Solax, the existence of this brand is to help more people in need, and we empathize with the joy on their faces. Dongguan Weixin Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has also been committed to researching and developing products to be a conscience brand. I hope that in the days to come, no matter what environment you are in, you can live freely.

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