S2043 Folding Electric 4-Wheel Scooter

● Weighs only 25kg
● Battery back-up storage system
● Easy compact folding design (Tool-less)
● Ideal for traveling-Planes, trains, boats, cars, etc. 
● Fully adjustable tiller for height and angle
● Lightweight space saving design
● Armrests for extra comfort
● Warning beep for reverse function
● No tools and no hassle. Ready to ride in less than a minute
● Lithium batteries airline approved

Application of Mobie + 4-Wheel Folding Electric Scooter

With a design focus on safety, intelligent control, and convenience, the Mobie+ 4-wheel folding electric scooter is designed as an ideal short trip travel tool for people of all ages and levels of mobility. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, electric scooters do not require manpower and you can drive the personal vehicle with minimal effort. It provides greater convenience in people's daily lives, as it saves the time and energy to traverse stores, parks, offices, etc.


Mobie+ lightweight scooters are quickly and easily folded and unfolded without tools. After folding, the scooter becomes highly compact, and at only 23.3kg can be carried and stowed nearly anywhere. The lithium battery used to power the mobility scooter is permitted under aviation regulations, making it suitable for air travel.
Considering the comfort of the rider, the armrests and seat are made from a soft polyurethane material. The height and angle of the operating lever are also adjustable for maximum comfort.


Manually fold

Manually fold

Manually fold

Manually fold

Manually fold

After folding, the hand

grip could be pulled out and

taken like a suitcase.


*OEM/ODM is available

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