S9013 VIA 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter

● 2 wheel drive 
● Foldable tiller
● Gyroscope controller
● Back rest is comfortable and adjustable, seat space is ample 
● Front safety wheels

Application of VIA 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter

With a design focused on safety, intelligent control, and convenience, the VIA 4-wheel electric folding scooter is a short trip travel scooter for people of all ages and needs. The scooter can be driven in supermarkets, shops, lifts, and other places with its batter powered motor. Scooters such as this are ideal tools for travelers, elderly people, and everyone in between. Foldable electric scooters provide convenience and mobility for all who need it.

Specification of VIA 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter


Model S9013
Overall Length 846mm
Overall Width 649mm
Tires(solid wheels ) 17 inch tubeless tyre
Maximum Speed 10km/h
Safe Gradient 0 º-12 º
Maximum Weight Capacity 150kg
Range up to 30km
Turning Circle 0.7m
Weight (without battery) 70kg
Color red/black
Drive System rear wheel drive
"Seat Height(from the ground )" 420mm
Battery lithium battery 24V24AH
Motor 350W
Battery Charger 24V 5AH




The VIA 4-wheel electric folding scooter uses environmentally friendly lithium batteries for outstanding performance. In order to maximize comfort and ease while driving, the seat and tiller are adjustable. The operation panel features a high-definition power display to remind the user when to charge or replace the battery.












*OEM/ODM is available

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